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Genuine work from home

List of genuine work from companies,Ways to earn money on internet.Share your views & experience to prevent people from scams companies of data entry jobs, customer service, mums, internet jobs, paid surveys, online, loan,wordpress, google adsense, yahoo
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 Blog or website?

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PostSubject: Blog or website?   Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:51 pm

Creating a blog is a fast way to publish content online. It is much like a website except a blog is run by a series of scripts that generally publish and organize the content by date and categories. In fact, may people think of blogs as online journals.

Blogs are typically easier to setup than websites because most blog platforms come with ready-to-use templates and there’s no software or FTP needed to publish your content to the Web.

I use WordPress for this blog. After using Blogger for a year and a half, I decided to switch because WordPress offers more functionality, flexibility and is constantly being updated with new features.

It’s very easy to setup a WordPress blog. You can just go to, sign up for a free account and you’re ready to start publishing your content.

In this case, your blog will be hosted on WordPress’ servers and the address will be something like

However, when you host your blog on’s servers, you cannot host AdSense ads on your blog because does not support javascript.

That’s why I highly recommend you host a WordPress blog on your own domain name and run a self hosted blog.

Create a Website
Want to create website, but have no clue how to begin? Well you are in the right place !

Domains & Hosting( First Step)

Before we get started you should understand that EVERY website has two things

1. A Domain name

2. A Web Hosting

Domain name is the address of your website ( your & web host is the company that allows you to publish your pages on internet, create email addresses & develop additional features like chat rooms, poll, forums, shopping cart, feedback forms etc

There are few companies either provide with domain name or help with web hosting but I like the Site Build It! ! (SBI!) if you go with them then you donot have to worry about finding two different companies to register a domain name & web hosting.

SBI! has all the tools you need in one place, including your domain, hosting, website builder, template design, brainstorming tools ( preferably to help you select the topic), a newsletter manager, tracking tools, site statistics and most important - help with marketing and making moneyfrom your website

You will also have access to their forum where you can chat and get help from other SBI! customers and SiteSell staff

If you would like to know more about how it works, you can watch their video tour

Great Web Host For Making Money With Your Site

SBI! is really best for Ecommerce website and Affiliate marketing. What do I mean by affiliate marketing?

An Affiliate site is the site which provides content/information on specific topic and makes us money by recommending related products. The companies that own the products pay you a commission for any sale your site generates.

You are the middleman . You dont actually take orders yourself. The companies you affiliate with provides you with special tracking links so when you send people to their site, they can track any orders your site generates. As a result you earn a commission of the sale.

What SBI! is not for?
SBI! is NOT best for interactive or social networking sites. So if you are trying to create a social networking website that involves uploads, downloads, visitors feedback than SBI! is not the best solution because they donot support languages that you need to create these kind of sites.

Google Can Fund Your Website
Do you hate the idea of having to pay to create a website? Sure, we'd all like them to be free, but the reality of it is, you limit your site's potential and longevity if you use a free web host. I'll never make that mistake again.

Not to mention the condition of many of these companies offering free websites is sometimes uhhh...let's just say unstable. Smile

My Free Hosting Nightmare! is a web hosting company that I used to host several of my web sites. Unfortunately the "free" part of it didn't last too long because in March 2004, I tried to access one of my sites and this is what was displayed on the homepage...

So basically anyone that did not want to pay, ended up losing their free site...period. I lost all six of my web sites, and there was no grandfather clause in effect that allowed anyone who already had a site to keep it for free. You either paid up or lost your site for good.

They did send out a warning email to let people know they would start charging, but if you missed that email or you just didn't want to pay their prices, you still lost out.

This is a classic example of what happens to so many free web hosters. They start off free, but you never know how long that free service will last.

Thank goodness my sites were small and something I could afford to lose. But think about all the people who may have invested a lot more time into their sites and depended on's longevity.

The other disappointing fact is that their prices are not even competitive with other web hosts. They went from free to charging $34.95 per month for only 300 megabytes of space.

You can go to a company like Powweb and get a ton of web page space for only $7 per month. Another Cheap option is BlinkWeb

That's six times more space for a fifth of the cost. What a rip-off by Freeyellow! I guess they hoped their existing customers will just want to keep their websites and feel it is too much of a hassle to switch hosts.

I hope everyone else that hosted their site at Freeyellow jumped ship and realized their prices were severely inflated.

Now you can see this is the risk you take when using the free web hosters. Take it from me. You're better off registering your own domain name and building your site from scratch. It's simple to setup, affordable and definitely worth the peace of mind.

You read my story above, right?

So the solution to your problem is to get Google to help you fund your website. I did! Now they fund much more than my site. Smile

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Blog or website?
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