Genuine work from home

Genuine work from home

List of genuine work from companies,Ways to earn money on internet.Share your views & experience to prevent people from scams companies of data entry jobs, customer service, mums, internet jobs, paid surveys, online, loan,wordpress, google adsense, yahoo
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 Scam List of Pay per Click sites

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PostSubject: Scam List of Pay per Click sites   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:41 am

Still online scam sites - reason: scam, they change rules and don't write this in the TOS. Cashout requires investiment. This is not instant paying site. This is a scam site! - reason: scam site, admin is "dead". Not answer any members questions. Forum is full of spam. Only 3 ads per day but needs to click 4 to get referral earnings. - reason: scam, admin not responding any questions. I was waiting my payment over half a year. Admin not pay! - reason: seems to belongs to same (scam) admin as chillbux. When you go it redirects to ptc wallet. Better keep away on this site! - reason: known scam site. They don't pay you! They pay for every click 0.025$ just not real. - reason: same scam admin as .They collect donations earlier for making new scam site. But they said they collect donations for ara-bux rescue fund. Admin is a scammer! Bullshit production. - reason: can't log on accounts. they work on version 2 over a month like they said. I don't believe that! - reason: admin does not paying to members. Forum does not working. Same scam admin as isabelmarcos.

Offline scam sites - reason:offline - reason: payment request made since july 2008, site not pay and now offline - reason: good site but now offline, site is broke - reason: offline - reason: ponzi scheme! I am premium and can't get cashout, error always. I try convert my cash into ads, lose cash and ad not viewed. Now they suspended my account too! After that i was upgrade my account and pay them. Because i say they are scam. Forum are down, support did not work. What people must think then. - reason: offline - reason: scam, ponzi scheme! - reason: scam, ponzi scheme! - reason: scam, only lose my money with them - reason: scam, same owner has earn3 - reason: out of cash, different problems.. returns to scam..standard members can't get cashout.. - reason: copy of chillbux.. only 2 ads.. cashout not working... be careful! - reason: they have financial difficulties, not paying site now. - reason: returns to scam, i'm sorry :/

Suspicious, not recommended - reason: confusing site. They promise 36$ per day earnings but in real i was a golden member and earn maximum 1$ per day. " Today Estimate Gold Earnings: $36 >> This shows an estimate of how much you may earn daily if you are a Gold Member"...I buy upgrade what costs 45$ and earn back 27$ ( less than 1$ per day) :S.. i don't know exactly are they scam, because i don't request my earnings jet! I don't trust this site. - reason: site is on standby. Admin collect donations for paying members (or own use). Not trustable! - reason: suspicious site and cashout amount is too hight 35$. No payment proofs. - reason: beta site, mess on board. - reason: long time no any payments for members. I have been paid once. "Contact" not working. - reason: no any ads to click

I encourage everyone to share their experience with us by posting on this forum so that we can avoid other people falling in the scam trap. Arrow
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PostSubject: replica handbags   Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:55 pm

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Scam List of Pay per Click sites
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