Genuine work from home
Genuine work from home
Genuine work from home
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Genuine work from home

List of genuine work from companies,Ways to earn money on internet.Share your views & experience to prevent people from scams companies of data entry jobs, customer service, mums, internet jobs, paid surveys, online, loan,wordpress, google adsense, yahoo
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 What are the top money making programs?

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PostSubject: What are the top money making programs?   What are the top money making programs? I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 12:29 am

How Can you earn money online?
The answer is stop searching work from home companies because as per my research mostly those companies are scam and it is quite obvious to know which one are scam for example if they say their site is secured net with the icon and you cannot click on the icon thats fist sign, no legit address thats again another sign

As far as my reasearch there is no such thing where you can instantly earn money for thousands. You can either create a website or blog thats the way I am doing it. To know more on whether to create a website or Blog please visit another page where I have discussed in detail.

Below are few top money making programs. But to implement them you need to have your own blog or website. I came accross below link & it implemented few of the below money making program beautifully.

Visit Acme-People-Search

So what are the Top money making program

I hate using the term “easy money”, but if you have enough traffic, AdSense has got to be one of the easiest ways to generate an income from your site or blog.

AdSense performs much better on my sites not targeted to Webmasters and Bloggers - which is a big reason why you don’t see AdSense on this blog.

Bloggers and Webmasters tend to be immune to Google ads so they ignore them. However on my fitness site, my click-thru ratio has been as high as 8 or 9%.

My main blog, does OK with AdSense because it gets enough traffic to make displaying the ads worthwhile.

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Affiliate Program
I promote a variety of products that I find on some of the larger affiliate networks. From web software, web hosting, HTML editors, to anything I can find that’s useful and related to my audience.

Belonging to an affiliate network has its advantages…

1) If you’re looking for a specific product to promote, you can do a search to see if there are any relevant affiliate programs that offer the product.

2) You can join multiple programs with a few mouse clicks.

3) All of your earnings are tracked in one place, so you have one-stop reporting instead of multiple affiliate account logins.

The downside is that many companies who run their affiliate programs through large networks tend to have sub-par customer support.

There have been many occasions where I’ve sent an email to a company I’m affiliated with through CJ and never received a response. Companies that run their own in-house affiliate programs seem to have better customer support over all.

Nevertheless, large affiliate networks are definitely worth exploring, particularly if you’re looking for a specific product to promote on your site or blog.

With ClickBank, you really have to feel it out and see what works for you. Even though it’s on my Top list, I must admit there is a lot of garbage on ClickBank.

Many of the eBooks you can sell are a bunch of recycled facts you can find anywhere on the web.

They are usually promoted by an over-hyped landing page with a loud sales pitch that promises you to either get rich quick, lose weight tomorrow, or get out of debt in seconds.

However, if you really comb through the ClickBank marketplace, you can find some winners. I was able to find a few good digital products to promote that convert well on my sites.

The great thing about ClickBank is that the commissions are extremely high since product development and delivery costs are low. You could earn up to $75 on certain products in their marketplace.

Many people use AdBrite’s cost per click program (similar to AdSense). However, I use them to manage my own flat-rate ads.

I have various advertising spots on my bog where I charge a flat fee for the week, month, etc. and AdBrite manages the payments, ad rotation, etc.

If you’re looking to offer advertising on your site, but don’t want to deal with collecting the payments and setting up an ad rotation script, you may want to check into AdBrite.

They still have some kinks to work out (support response time, ad rotation options, better targeting for network ads, etc.) but they are getting better with time.
With its extremely low commission payout, it’s amazing this even made it to number 7.

Even though Amazon only pays 3-4% on most products, it’s still not a bad program to belong to because they sell almost every product known to man.

They also have widgets you can place on your pages that will display a small selection of products that match the theme of your site.

Let’s say you have a site on stress relief, you can add an Amazon widget that will display 3-4 books on stress relief with links directly to the product pages.
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What are the top money making programs?
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